News for April 17th, 2006

Another weekend has screamed by.  The guests have gone home and the house is empty again.  Come back again soon Treb! 

In other news, Nitui's car was broken into Saturday morning.  They destroyed the dash and removed the stereo.  The worst bit is the police said that due to the many surfaces in a car there is no real way to fingerprint anything.  If only I had heard them, I could have jumped out there with my sword and taken them to justice.

All delusional and self-destructive behavior aside, here is a train game similar to snake.

Thanks to Thing 3.0 for doing my special guest news while they were visiting me! With how MUCH time I put into every comic, I'm sure you notice that I'm generally exhausted by the end and am ready for bed. So, it was nice to have her do the news for me and it was wonderful to have her and her daughter here.

As Ninja said my stereo was stolen and we hope they catch the bastards.

My grandpa sent this fun video to me a little while back and as he said “I don't send many things along, but I was very impressed by this.  It amazes me what this talented person can do with a little sand.” Enjoy.

Oh! And one more thing….the comic may take pieces from our real lives but is not I repeat is NOT our real life. So, for those of you who know my dad, other than he won the first part of our competition and therefore for is being punished now :oD, nothing is wrong with him. In fact, he's in Hawaii celebrating his birthday!


Script for April 17th, 2006

Tank Daddy:    Well the doctor says I'm healthy with the exception of my cholesterol.

Nitui:    Did he put you on a diet?

Tank Daddy:    He suggested cooking classes for healthier eating.

Nitui:    That sounds fun.

Tank Daddy:    Will you come with me, for the first few at least?

Nitui:    Sure, we can go.

Ninja Comic and Tank Daddy:    We?