News for April 14th, 2006

Time for the news again.  We still have guests at the house.  In fact, one of our guests will be posting news for Nitui.

It's been a busy week as well, with company in town we have been partaking in entertainment things.  We played put put and went to the Aquarium.  Mixed reviews on the put put, they claimed I cheated.

In other news, we went to see Take the Lead  and as usual, the review is here. Oh, and the song information is here.

At any rate, I now yield the floor to Thing 3.0!

Guest news:

Hi, I am Thing 3.0 aka Trebbleclef in the game Everquest.  I have talked Nitui into letting me do the news in her place today.  This has been a fascinating experience.  I know a comic was posted on how the comic was made but to be honest with you, I never realized how much work it is.  It just didn't look that hard in the comic.

Watching these artists labor over their work has changed the way I will be looking at the comic in the future.  I will be imagining the process I saw and trying to picture how the current comic was created.  I wish all of you could have this experience.

We (my daughter came with me) have had a great time visiting here.  My daughter and I flew in from another state and it is absolutely gorgeous here.  I feel that Ninja and NItui spent too much time entertaining us.  We did a lot of touristy things here and our host and hostess were very gracious in taking us to see things they have probably seen dozens of times.

We also were able to visit with our Everquest friends in this area, Syrinnx and Neodra.  They are members of my EQ guild, Forsaken Visage which is on The Seventh Hammer.  It was so nice to have faces to put to the names that I see in the game.

Oh and about Ninja cheating... well Tywer and I had scores that were within 2 or 3 of each other.  Ninja's was half our scores.  Either we were very bad or he cheated..... you be the judge.


Script for April 14th, 2006

KRO-GAR:    Rats ready to go?

Rats:    Actually, I can't right now. I have other things to do.

KRO-GAR:    Rats and me, used to group together

KRO-GAR:    Every heist together always

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR feel, KRO-GAR losing the best boss

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR think this could be the end

KRO-GAR:    Looks as though KRO-GAR's on his own

KRO-GAR:    And if that's true KRO-GAR no want to go

KRO-GAR:    No team

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR not know to say and

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR need explaining

KRO-GAR:    Poor KRO-GAR now is hurt.

KRO-GAR:    No team

KRO-GAR:    Don't know what KRO-GAR doin'

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR need a mission

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR don't know where to work

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR memories

KRO-GAR:    When Rats was more inviting

KRO-GAR:    Robbing stores and off fighting sometimes

KRO-GAR:    If Rats goodby then KRO-GAR dies

KRO-GAR:    With head in hands KRO-GAR cries

Rats:    Ok, ready?.

KRO-GAR:    Rats and KRO-GAR?

Rats:    Yeah kid, why?