News for April 10th, 2006

Well, what's to say?  The news is always interesting in Paragon and Mercy Island.  From reading the other common stories I think that it might be supporting some kind of institution.

In other news, we have guests in our house so the news will be short.  I did think of you guys though, here are two new links! The Flame Warriors  explains the types of people you meet on message boards. A fun game Tropical Swaps.  You will need that evil java beast.

As Ninja says we have the wonderful Treb and her daughter in town this week. Working on another contract hopefully will have some new stuff to show you guys!

If you're interested in reading the news article that is behind the picture it's posted here. Enjoy. It's another bit of fun thanks to Ninja. Have a great week! See ya Friday!


Script for April 10th, 2006

Headline:    Rats Naked in Sewer, KRO-GAR too.

Story:    Late Friday night notorious killer and thief Rats Maloney was seen running around in the sewers wearing nothing but her skivvies and her signature bowler hat. After attempting to interview several homeless people that saw the incident, none of the journalists were ever seen again. These hastily snapped photos from veteran news photographer Ace McFastshot is the only surviving proof of what is being called "Rats' Night Out.

Story:    Second rate criminal KRO-GAR was also seen, but who cares?

Story:    Full story and color photos on page 27

Story:    Related story on page 32: Hello Kitty, Evil or Misunderstood

Rats:    Somebody is going to pay for this.

KRO-GAR:    Hello Kitty is evil? KRO-GAR!!!