News for April 3rd, 2006

And there you have it!  The last installment of Heroes Journey.  As we can see, all have learned what they needed to and they can all move on with their lives.  Some of their other adventures may be followed and others will not.  Rest assured, they will continue to fight for what is right and good.  All of them truly being a Hero.

In other news, we were walking home from lunch and we saw a huge cloud of smoke.  Turned out to be a massive fire, 1600 acres of grass area.  Oddly enough, there was no fire chief with extinguisher to hand out so we had to leave it to the regular fire fighters instead of jumping in heroically and saving the day.

That about covers the weekend, just a few last things to mention.  Tom finally catches Jerry here!  And since I am on the topic, my sister sent me a picture from a celebration in Arizona.  Apparently this guy trained a mouse to sleep on a cats back...while the cat sleeps on the a dogs back DogCatMouse .  Perhaps we can convince Rouxs Girl to explain it in the forums.

Wow, Ninja really kills me with the end of this Heroes Journey. The third frame where we learn that Nitui has lost her real parents forever. It seems so painful when they are standing so close to meeting her future husband! If you've read the archive you know what happened after Ninja asked Nitui to marry him but man…talk about pulling on those heart strings! I wanna yell at myself… hey don't you recognize your own house! I guess it does look a little different being on fire and all.

Super Dude….will he ever learn? /sigh

I enjoyed the Heroes Journey stuff it was little more cultured and the art part was always a challenge. I hope you guys liked it too and if ya didn't well…ya can't please everyone all the time and now we'll be doing something different and thanks for stickin' with us.


Script for April 3rd, 2006

Title:    The Heroes Journey - Return

Narrator:    The Hero now returns with the power to cure the village mentality. With the initial problem solved the hero may receive false reward or another call which may spur another Hero's Journey keeping the cycle going.

Ninja Comic:    Quick Nitui, grab a fire extinguisher from the fire chief and let’s put out this blaze.

Nitui:    I’m on it, just keep those thugs away from me while I fly up to help.

Mother:    Didn’t that young lady that helped put out the fire look familiar?

Father:    No, and I forbid you to mention it again.

Registrar:    And why would we register you again?

Super Dude:    I need a new secret identity.

Registrar:    And I am guessing Magic origin again?

Super Dude:    No! Anything but that, from now on I fight robots and undead. And I never do rescue missions.