News for March 31st, 2006

I just wanted to say that my whimsical way of looking at things does sometimes get me in trouble, just not that bad of trouble.  I just think it's not fair that Batman gets the Batarang and Batmobile, Spiderman gets spider tracers, and we get generic Super Base.  True, we are poor and can't get cool stuff to put in our Super Base, but I would like people to think "This is the secret Ninja's lair" or something.

In other news, Nitui is busy doing the "work herself to death thing" and won't be posting news.  Sorry gang, it's my fault.  She wanted to post this whole rant about people not cleaning up after themselves at movie theaters but I said we actually need a comic first.

Also, we got to see V for Vendetta and the review is here.

If you liked Sudoku, and want something a bit less brain wracking, here is the toned down version Jigsaw Sudoku.


See ya Monday!


Script for March 31st, 2006

Ninja Comic:    I don't think our Super Base...

Nitui:    Apartment.

Ninja Comic:    Super Base is super enough.

Ninja Comic:    So from now on we have to refer to everything as Super.

Nitui:    What? Why am I scared?

Ninja Comic:    So that is now a Super Chair and that's a Super Table.

Nitui:    Keep this up and you might sleep on the Super Couch.

Ninja Comic:    It's that or add Man at the end. Hmmm, "Couch Man."

Nitui:    Fine, sleeping on the "Couch Man" it is.