News for March 27th, 2006

What's to say?  I guess we are now seeing some life changing events here and that leaves just one more installment of The Heroes Journey.  Back when we ran our own improv troupe, we marveled at what we would learn from exercises that we had done a million times before.  Sometimes at the end of show we would slap our foreheads and say "that's what that exercise is all about!"  I have learned some things about the story telling process and I may share those thoughts on the news for the final Journey, we'll see.

In other news, we are going to try to catch V for Vendetta  soon, but it is tough with all that is going on.  I am sure Nitui will clue you in on the difficulties of the next few days. Hopefully we will be less stressed out for the next news bit and I'll have some kind of fun link. Well, other then this.  Just a small flash animation based on a great skit done by The Dead Alewives and inspired by 8 bit Theater. I give you 8 bit D&D

YEA! WOOOT! YEIPPY! This comic is number 75! Just thought ya'd like to know :oD We're pretty happy that we're still going strong. I figure we gotta do something really special for 100. Any ideas? What would be the best way to bring in 100 PJ Chronicles style?

Mom made it into town no problem and we've been just sitting around chattin' a lot. This brings to close the big 18 day blitz that my dad and I have been doing and I'm pleased to announce that…well I don't know who the winner is yet cause well it's actually Sunday night and although we write these like they are the next day we post them the night before so that they are all fresh and crisp for you Monday morning. That way you have at least one thing to look forward to.

To get back to the topic at hand I'll update in the deserted forums who the winner is later today and pounds lost. I can see the loss on both dad and I. Maybe if I'm brave enough at the end of the 5 months (the second phase of this) I'll post the before and afters for ya. See you all Friday!


Script for March 27th, 2006

Title:    The Heroes Journey - Rebirth

Narrator:    The Hero is tested for a last time and then allowed to return to the normal world.

Bernie Levinson:    I got you a gig. It’s in a tuff part of town though, can you handle it?

Ninja Comic:    I don’t do stand up anymore.

Bernie Levinson:    Why not?

Ninja Comic:    It's too dangerous.

Ninja Comic:    Hey Nitui, I was thinking, you want to get married?

Ahlana:    You most certainly can not go out and rescue anybody. I can see the future and I know you will be chasing after any skirt you manage to rescue.

Super Dude:    But you never let me do anything anymore. What am I, a child?