News for March 24th, 2006

OK, this update almost did not happen.  Qwest, my internet provider, saw fit to promise me faster connectivity if I changed to the new modem.  I put the order in for Monday of this week, giving us plenty of time till Friday to take care of problems.  They blew the date and I called the next day to find that they pushed the date to Thursday.  This conflicts with the comic and our millions of fans.  MILLIONS.  So, yeah, I exaggerated a little.  At any rate I told them to push it off till the 27th, but just as I expected, we lost internet on Thursday and we will be lucky to get it back Friday at all.  Friends and fans, I am a geek.  I pulled the old modem I keep out of its bag and connected AOL to bring you this update and these words of wisdom.  The wisdom is: never trust an internet provider to do what they say. I only hope we can update normally on Monday. you 8 bit D&D

I forgot how truly slow dial up is…for those of you who are still on it. You have my pity but I also understand that most people are not as sick as I am and spend their lives on these things.

That being said I'm in the home stretch on Monday we do our next weigh in and I find out if all this pain has been worth anything. Dad is still here working hard with me. Mom is coming into town on Saturday and we have a wonderful weekend planned. Nothing much else has happened this week other than I got a fabulous hair cut and no one has really noticed. I just don't think that guys know how to tell you that hair really looks nice. Ahh well. See ya Monday... keep your fingers crossed for me!


Script for March 24th, 2006

Title:    Famous KRO-GARS Through History


Nitui:    KRO-GAR TEP


Nitui:    KRO-GARIUS


Nitui:    KRO-GAR

Nitui:    So, did you spot the KRO-GAR in each scene?

Nitui:    Okay, show of hands, who didn't spot KRO-GAR?