News for March 20th, 2006

The Heroes Journey is rounding the bend with not much else to do.  I know with most Super Hero type stories you would want an Arch Villain to make an appearance.  Well, there is still time for that.  Maybe it is Elvis.

In other news, we have been watching some old MacGyver episodes again and I still like the series.  I was always a geek when it came to this show and used to improvise fixes for things around the house.  I once used wire and a pop can to fix an exhaust leak on a car for a while.  Always had a small ball of string with me.

Now then, here is a game that is different.  Try to evolve your little microscopic animal in length and legs.  I present Flow!

Also, a movie from when I was much younger.  It won awards or something, but the song haunts me to this day.  The site is not where I usually like to link to, so mind the other movies that sometimes pop up on the side and keep the family filter on if you are concerned with that.  The Cat Came Back

Hey all. We had a really busy weekend as ya know we had a boil and had fun with Loch and Deadly. Dad is still in town and we're still literally working our butts off. Though, if I thought it was bad before nothing touch's this next week. So, when your sitting there enjoying your fast food or lounging there soaking up the sun take a moment and think of me in pain and sweating and think of how sweet I'm gonna look in a swimming suit :oD

Or at least I'm hoping that all this is worth something! We'll find out soon enough though! One of the big things planned for this week is to put the last touch on Ninja's wonderful job in kitchen and paint walls, cabinets and ceiling. I'll update with pictures at the end of the week. See ya Friday!


Script for March 20th, 2006

Title:    The Heroes Journey - Road Back

Narrator:    The Hero has learned the lesson he/she came for. The journey continues. Now is the time for an Arch Villain or to find out what the true journey is.

Ninja Comic:    You were right, as soon as we got rid of SD everything started going much smoother?

Nitui:    Well, if he had any ability to control the bad guys we could have kept him with us.

Ninja Comic:    After we bust these thieves, you want to get some dinner?

Nitui:    Sounds great.

Tank Daddy:    You seem to be spending a lot of time with the Ninja guy, when do I meet him?

Nitui:    I donít want you to scare him off.

Tank Daddy:    Iím not that scary.

Ahlana:    I do.

Super Dude:

Elvis Preacher:    I now pronounce you man and wife.