News for March 17th, 2006

Yes, slide shows are endless amounts of fun.  I know slide shows are boring but stick with us, it gets better.

In other news, NITUI IS BACK!!!!!!  She brought her father with, so we have company again for a bit.  Both of them seem to think the tile project came out well and I will go with their opinion.  There is just those two little spots...OUCH!!!  It's lovely.

Loch and Deadly are over for dinner tonight.  We are attempting the shrimp boil again, so wish us luck. 

By the way, the latest episode for Xombie is out, take a look see.

I now yield the floor to Nitui.

Home again, home again! After a truly grueling week I have to say I am very sore but feeling good. This next week promises to be just as tough but the fist big dead line is the 27 th. While I was away Ninja did a great job. Here is the final on the tile (before, after). Now I gotta get busy on the painting! Aside from that it's great having dad around and we already have a full weekend of friends planned so we'll see you all Monday!


Script for March 17th, 2006

Title:    Famous Ninjas Through History

Ninja Comic:    Hi

Nitui:    Amun Sesh Maa'et

Ninja Comic:    SALVE

Nitui:    Gaius Ridiculus

Ninja Comic:    Hey

Nitui:    Ninja Comic

Nitui:    So, did you spot the ninja in each scene?

Nitui:    Me either. Well, they are Ninjas.