News for March 13th, 2006

Wait!  What?  Is that?  Noooooo...yep, the fabled Missing Fortune Teller.  Oh sure, Ninja and Nitui are starting to plan some more time together and Super Dude has found his fortune teller.  Guess that is the end.  Don't bet on it.  There is always more to the story.  DUN Dun dun.

In other news, the counter is going to kill me.  I am having nightmares of never ending tile projects.  I want to thank Xorss one more time for all the help he gave on the tile project. 

I am sure you are wondering how I could work so many hours on a simple project like this.  I will start by saying that nothing is simple in my world.  The sink turned out to be a major stumbling block.  Apparently my house was built before they required water shut offs under sinks.  Every time we wanted to work around the sink, we had to turn off the water to the whole house.  Likewise we had to put it back in working condition to take showers and get ready for work.  I fixed that and all was going well.  Till the drain started leaking for no apparent reason.  Guess the pipes just got tired of holding water in.  One small plumbing project later I am two days behind on the tile project.

Nitui gets back Wednesday and her dad will be with her.  No not Tank Daddy, the real one.  Sheesh, I have to spell out real life versus game life to so many people.  So, add cleaning the guest room to my list of things to do.  The never ending battle and stuff. Lastly,

Nitui wants me to post these pictures.(Twelve and Thirteen).

Well still killing myself out here on the road! I’m looking forward to coming home this Wednesday my dad will be coming with me back and will be spending about another two weeks to finish of the first big push of this competition. I’m in pain today and I’m hoping this is the worst of it. On an up note we’re gonna go to an Irish festival today so that should be a lot of fun! I’m missing Ninja and the kitties but it’s nice seeing the folks and they’ve got two mini schnauzers who are very loving (not yappy).

We watched “The Librarian: Quest for the Spear” and I have to tell you again how much I like this movie. It’s just a fun ride. To quote Loch “ It’s much better than it has any right to be (seeing how it’s a made for tv movie).” All in all very charming. Do see if ya just want a fun flick. I guess that’s all for now I’ll keep you all posted on the pain and misery! The goal is forty-one pounds in five months. Wish me luck! See ya Friday!


Script for March 13th, 2006

Title:    The Heroes Journey - Gift

Narrator:    With the ordeal over a gift is usually in order. This can be good, bad, or both. Frequently, this can be obtaining a greater wisdom or insight.

Ninja Comic:    I think we are a good team, would you like to patrol together more often?

Nitui:    Sure, that would be fun.

Ninja Comic:    What’s your name?

Nitui:    I was thinking of Nitui, it means beginning to shine in Latin.

Nitui:    Hey Super Dude, try to keep up this time, ok?

Super Dude:    Sheesh, it’s just that these caves seem to go on forever.

Nitui:    Kind of makes you feel like a spelunker.

Super Dude:    A what?

Nitui:    Hey, who is that?

Super Dude:    Hey babe, you wouldn’t happen to be a fortune teller would you?

Ahlana:    Why yes, thanks for rescuing me, you’re my hero!