News for March 10th, 2006

Wow, busy busy week.  With Nitui out of town, I am working on the counter and trying to clean up construction mess.  Not much left for heavy work.  Need to seal the sink and then wood putty.  Much of what is left is precision work.

In other news, we did not win the comic contest.  City of Zeroes was the big winner and two others whom I forget.  Grats Derek, well done.

Back to work on the counter.

Well hello all from the road. Here it is Friday and I'm so tired. Not only because I've started my exercise program but also cause it's just been a super busy week! Between trying to get ready to go, the web-work and the countertop it was a short night for both of us the night I left. Hopefully Ninja will show you the updates to the countertop. It's really looking beautiful. See, and you all thought I married him for his good looks!

You can weep for me now. Let me tell you what yesterday was like...
Get up 6:45
Walk almost a mile
Weigh in (yucky!!!)
Deep water aerobics (45 min) (these were a lot of work! Not your grandma's water aerobics)
Deep water aerobic and stretch (45 min)
Eat breakfast
Weight training (lifting arms to do the comic is an ordeal)
Eat Lunch
Walk another almost a mile
Eat dinner
Do Comic
Read until fall asleep (about 30 sec)

And I'm getting up and doing it all again today so just think as your reading this there's a good chance that I'm out there trying to work my buns off (literally!). Well if I make it that far I'll see you all on Monday!


Script for March 10th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    Often times, there are people in the background that help make things like this comic possible.

Ninja Comic:    I thought I would take a moment to introduce my stunt double, Kevin.

Kevin:    Hi.

Ninja Comic:    Note that he is a bit shorter then me, but with camera tricks it's hardly noticeable.

Ninja Comic:    Kevin is replacing Maurice here for obvious reasons.

Ninja Comic:    His eyes are entirely the wrong color.