News for March 6th, 2006

The Heroes Journey continues... The first real conflict can be a an alarming thing for our hero, especially if they are a reluctant hero or if they are a trained warrior but the enemy has something special about them.  In Star Trek, this is where a red shirt dies.  Up until now, they may not have known just how very real the danger is in some situations.  Things work differently in an online game, you are expected to die / knocked unconscious and then return to fight another day.

We might get some hatemail in regards to the "wow, it's like having a tank" remark.  In most online games, there is the Holy Trinity.  That is the tank (meatshield), the healer (one who keeps meatshield alive), and the slower (one who makes the enemy much easier to deal with).  Around the trinity you add other character types and you can have a successful group.  In these groups, if the tank does not do their job right others in the group die, usually the healer first.  Once the healer dies the rest of the group dies shortly after.  My point is, just being a tank class does not mean you are a good tank. 

City of Heroes / Villains is a different animal by these standards.  The game is intended to have multiple enemies fighting you at once, as opposed to EverQuest where if you have more then one enemy attacking you, you usually die quickly.  The principles still apply though, if the tank does not do their job death usually follows.  Nitui and I were raised on EverQuest, and in EQ you must learn how to "pull" a single creature away from a group, thus singling out an enemy and making the fight much easier.  Under those conditions in CoH and COV a scrapper like Ninja can "tank" sort of and we can still win the day.

In general, I think groups should have tanks.  But I will take a scrapper that knows how to tank over a tank that does not know his class any day.  So, if you are a good tank, then that line is a compliment to you.  If you are a lame tank, and you should know if you are... "LEARN YOUR CLASS!" Thank you for that line Rick.

In other news, the Oscars were last night.  I think the biggest thing that I walked away from it with, is that I did not see most of the Best Picture nominees and I don't feel like I missed a thing.  Yes, you can go into the forums and post your thoughts on what I missed out on by not seeing these movies if you want.  I wish "Good Night and Good Luck" would have won something but my tastes vary with the Academy as to what is good to watch.

If you are looking for the usual diversions in my news, here they are:  

Splash Back, an addicting little game.

 Michael Moschen, an incredible juggler.

Wow what a full weekend this has been.  Sunday night as I am sure Ninja has mentioned, we enjoyed the second annual Oscar party at Deadly and Lochs house.  My only comment on the Oscars is, my profound disappointment in their choice for Best Motion Picture. Then on Saturday we cleared away the dust to have our friends Micah, Elise, and two boys over for dinner. Here are the latest pictures of the continued tile project (Ten and Eleven).

Looking forward to up and coming week where we will get to have dinner with my aunt from out of town and I will be leaving town as well.  DUN Dun dun. See you all Friday!


Script for March 6th, 2006

Title:    The Heroes Journey - Ordeal

Narrator:    The Hero now has a minor ordeal in which there must be a change in character. Some sort of “death” occurs at the Ordeal, be it of a friend, foe, or mind set.

super Dude:    I saw your act, I could use you with your fancy sword ways.

Ninja Comic:    Doing what?

super Dude:    Help me beat up some bad guys.

Ninja Comic:    Well, that’s show biz.

Super Dude:    Ok, we’ll rush in and pound them all!

Ninja Comic:    Is that an actual ‘tactic’?

Nitui:    I can’t heal you guys if they swarm me, maybe if we took some time to ...

Super Dude:    CHARGE!!!

Ninja Comic:    If you can keep me alive I will try to keep them off you.

Nitui:    Wow, it’s just like having a tank.

Super Dude:    Would you mind not standing on my hand?