News for February 27th, 2006

Look, look...see, I do know what I am doing!  The three stories are starting to converge!  So, now is the important part of learning who is your friend and who is your enemy.  I am on the edge of my seat and I know what is going to happen.  So exciting.

In other news, we decided to buy an oven with our tax return.  I know you are all thinking, "Duh, we knew that last week."  Here is the rest of my thought from before you interrupted me...where was I.  Ah, we wanted to replace the counter top as well.  See it is tile with those little 2 inch tiles all set up with a ton of grout that is nearly impossible to clean.  We wanted marble or some such but that is nearly three thousand dollars.  Keep in mind I cook with cast iron and I don't know the meaning of the word trivet.  Well I do know the meaning of trivet, I'm not stupid or anything, just not in this context*.  Any way, we need a tile that can handle hot pans so the cheap laminates is out.  Also, there was some concern with the smaller tiles and the high heat.  We are going to be putting in our own counter with ceramic tile.  A project I am most likely incapable of.  Thank goodness for pirates coming to the rescue.  Xorss who plays Buccaneer Bob in City of Villains is coming over to help.  I just took some pics of the kitchen for Nitui, so you may get to see some of it.

Also, since I know you guys are jonesing for it...a new game called Blue Print.  Good luck with that.

*Thanks for the great line Tick, we all miss you.

Okay well we're a little late posting this one not that any of you are really up waiting with breathless anticipation and noticed the moment it was not posted to sever. Truthfully we're still not late because our sever always posts it two hours early. Well whatever the case if we're late or not the reason we're even close to being such is as Ninja no doubt noted we're trying to retile our counter seen here     ( 1 2 3 4 ) See ya Friday.


Script for February 27th, 2006

Title:    The Heroes Journey - Allies and Enemies

Narrator:    During the trials, the hero may be aided by finding new allies who will help them perform the tasks. It is a balancing act of introducing new characters or turncoats who jump from good to evil or evil to good.

Ninja Comic:    So, whatíd you think of my act?

Bernie Levinson:    As your friend, I thought it was pretty funny. As your agent, youíre fired.

Ninja Comic:    But you said it was funny.

Bernie Levinson:    Beating up hecklers with a sword is not how itís done in the comedy business.

Ninja Comic:    Well, I thought it was funny.

Tank Daddy:    You are ready to go on your own.

Nitui:    But we are a team.

Tank Daddy:    Iím retired. Now say it like I told you.

Nitui:    Kinetic Defender looking for...

Super Dude:    Hey Babe.

Hugo Redding:    Azuria warned me about you, you should probably get some more help before going after the Circle of Thorns.

Nitui:    More help? What am I chopped liver?

Hugo Redding:    No, I just know how things will probably go for him and it wonít be pretty.

Super Dude:    Great, thanks for the warning at least.