News for February 20th, 2006

Here we are with another installment of Heroes Journey.  You know the trial thing is subjective and frequently the hardship or danger is not really the trial at all, but more about the reaction to it.  Take Super Dude in this one, it's not about beating up bad guys, it's about having the guts to face the people her offended and make amends.  Facing somebody you wronged is sometimes the hardest trial a person can undertake.

In other news, we got to see Nanny McPhee  tonight and the incredibly short review is here.  It is short, but don't take that as bad.  If I think about it any longer, I may go edit it to "grab kids, go see" but I am not in a  KRO-GAR frame of mind this second so that won't fly.

A special thanks goes out to Thicky for making sure we all lose several hours of our lives on this game. Now we can see the true nature of combat penguins. Also, go here to Grappa and express yourself artistically.

Looks like a few new folks have been wandering around our little site here.  Hey, how's it goin'?  So, come to the forum and say hi and stuff.

Nanny McPhee, Yea! Emma ahh. Jolly good job with script and acting.

This is the week of twos... two job meetings...two doc appointments. I'm sure more pairs will pop up. Sneak a peak at how far I've gotten on the first site I'm working on. My first all CSS site! It's only one page so far but you can see the start of the very masculine design I have planned. See you all on Friday!


Script for February 20th, 2006

Title:    The Heroes Journey - Trials

Narrator:    The hero finds themselves in some sort of trial. They must use their known abilities and develop more in order to progress. The Hero seems unable to perform the task or may receive help or training.

Ninja Comic:    So, two ninjas walk into a bar...

Comment 1 :    Booo, you stink!

Comment 2 :    When you gonna do something funny besides standing there.

Comment 3 :    Lets burn the place down!

Tank Daddy:    Now, all you have to do is keep me alive without the bad guys figuring out you are the one doing it and the tank will have no problem keeping them away from you.

Nitui:    I get it, so as long as you have their attention I can blast them from time to time.

Super Dude:    OK, I apologized to Lady Liberty, will you please give some tips on who to talk to that wonít end with me in traction?

Azuria:    Fine, go talk to Hugo Redding and donít talk to me again.

Super Dude:    Thank's, ma'am.