News for February 13th, 2006

Here we are, another installment of the Heroes Journey.  The contacts in the game really are supposed to give you missions of appropriate level for your abilities, plus or minus the difficulty setting you put yourself on. 

I have always wondered at what would happen if you made your contact grumpy.  Would they send you out to your death?  If you went to the comic contest that we posted you saw another possible outcome, the theme was a villain being sent to a giant sized super hero anger management meeting. I would also like to add that I am not sure which is worse, having your contact send thugs to beat you up, or the fact that you were smacked down by the Orc Pawn moonlighter that is a complete joke amongst his peers.

In other news, we have not gone and signed all the papers for the refinance yet.  Soon we will head down to the South Part of town, a mere half hour or so drive, and then attempt to get hand cramps from refinance paper work.  It is just a few pages less painful then actually buying a house.

Don't forget, extra comic tomorrow for Valentines day and a new wallpaper in the Extras section as well.  Poor Nitui, I have been working her to death with this weekends comic madness.



Script for February 13th, 2006

Title:    The Heroes Journey - The Crossing

Narrator:    Now the Hero is ready to cross into the underworld, the realm of which they are unfamiliar but that holds something they must obtain or learn. The Hero is tested at the gates, perhaps by a Threshold Guardian.

Ninja Comic:    Wow, my first gig. I hope it goes well.

Dr. :     The final tests shows you're fine aside from the amnesia.

Nitui :    If my past were important, I am sure it would have caught up with me in the last few months.

Tank Daddy:    Don't worry kiddo, I'll take care of you till you're ready.

Super Dude:    Why does every mission send me to a door guarded by thugs that feed me my teeth?

Orc Pawn :    Dude, Azuria called me on my cell and told me to meet you here.