News for February 10th, 2006

I know this was a long time coming.  How could Ninja send that evil dog off with such a cute little girl.  Well, she may be cute, but she is by no means defenseless.

In other news, the refinance is going through on Monday and there is much relief in that statement. 

Also, in case you don't hang out in the forum the game Ball Trap, just to hurt your brain.

Well, this week has been busy...I worked! A pay check will actually be mailed out tomorrow. I got my hair and taxes done. Actually now that I think about it…I've gotten dressed every single day this week. There is something wrong with this! On a totally unrelated subject - in one day were snubbed by crapy-wikipdia and accepted by the lovely folks at Geeez! I guess that's all for now see you Monday! OH! Watch out for our holiday comic on Tuesday!


Script for February 10th, 2006

Boy Scout :    What ya up to?

Girl Scout :    I'm playing fetch with my dog, sorta.

Boy Scout :    Sorta?

Girl Scout :    Yeah, he tries to run away and I snare him with my super sticky spit balls.

Girl Scout :    Then I go fetch him.

Boy Scout :    You get all the cool toys.