News for February 6th, 2006

Another chapter in the Heroes Journey.  The mentor is an important part of the character.  If you don't have that element, even if it is finding an old photo album, the character is flat and appears lacking depth.  Think of the movies you see where you walk away thinking you just didn't care.  I am not saying that adding a mentor will fix a bad movie or story, just pointing out that it is needed.  Even the kindly grandmother can be the mentor.  So, Ninja gets an agent, Nitui meets Tank Daddy, and Super Dude manages to insult one of the trainers.  Good thing she can set him straight and teach him some respect for the other heroes.

In other news, our friend Dr. Thompson has left the building.  He is an old friend from our Everquest days that came to visit us on Thursday and stayed till Sunday.  Maybe this will encourage him to post in our forum.

Also, we saw Underworld Evolution and the review is here.

Saturday night we had a birthday party for Eddy Izzard.  Nitui made some awesome chili and everybody had a pretty good time.  So, if you don't have anything to do, but want an excuse to have a get together, find somebody famous that has a birthday that coincides with the when you want the party and go for it.

Oh yeah, one more thing real fast, we recieved a correction about the "Rescue the Fortune Teller" mission being available to all origins. I seemed to remember reading somewhere that the three contacts that can give out the mission are in the contact chain that leads to magic origin based contacts. It was pointed out to us that you can still get any one of the three starting at level 9. Special thanks to the Witty Librarian and the link here for the full walkthrough.

Well this last week's training went off without a hitch and I'm ready to work...hopefully I'll get some hours soon. :oD The food was a surprising success and I think that I might start branching out into harder cooking stuff. Though I can't take all the credit…I did have a helper and a great cook book that used to be my mom's. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! (Yesterday the 5th)

Also I'd like to say happy birthday to the person that makes everyday I joy. I know they're not celebrating birthdays but it's important that I say…I'm so enriched by just having you around so I'm glad you are. :oD


Script for February 6th, 2006

Title    The Heroes Journey - Mentor

Narrator    The hero crosses paths with a mentor of some sort representing a higher aspect of themselves yet discovered. The hero can be given a tool, an amulet, words of wisdom, or an insight before embarking on the journey.

Ninja Comic    Are you Bernie Levinson?

Bernie Levinson    Yeah.

Ninja Comic    I'm your new comedy act.

Bernie Levinson    Well, stick with me kid and you'll be able to get youself a new set of pajamas.

Tank Daddy    Beat it punks!

Super Dude    Hey babe, you wouldn't happen to be a fortune teller would you?

Ms. Liberty    Call me 'babe' again and I can forsee the end of your short carear as a super hero.