News for January 30th, 2006

We are continuing the Heroes Journey today. 

I have been asked about this "Rescue the Missing Fortuneteller" mission that Super Dude keeps going on about.  In game there a small rewards called badges that sort of mark where you have been in game.  This particular mission though has a badge that is part of a larger reward that actually helps your overall fighting ability.  Since it only happens at lower levels and only magic based characters can get it, many other players will pay a lower level player to let them come along on this mission so they can get the badge and finally the reward.  Super Dude however is unaware of the world outside the game and his driven personality, if he ever sat down and thought about it, would probably make no sense to him.  In the older role-playing game world this was referred to as player knowledge.  It makes it hard to stay in character when you meet a bad guy for the first time and somebody you are grouped with gives you a complete breakdown of how everything is going to happen and what his powers are.

In other news we forced our friends Loch and DeadlyNyteshade to watch the movie Unleashed  and the review is here.   They seemed to enjoy it as much as we did but I will wait to see their reviews.

Another week has gone by, and with that another two comics. Hope you are enjoying them as much as we are.  Till Friday then.

Not to much has happened since Friday though, Mom will be in town today so hopefully we'll get to spend some time with her while she's here. As for Sunday most of the morning was spent doing this comic and hopefully I talked Ninja into letting me stay in my PJ's for the rest of the day. This week I start the training for that temp job I mentioned as well as we have a friend coming in from out of town on Thursday. Should be a full week! See you Friday!


Script for January 30th, 2006

Title    The Heroes Journey - Reluctant Hero

Narrator    The hero must follow the Call. If they are willing they simply go. If not, they become the Reluctant Hero. They are then forced onto the Heroes Path through various circumstances beyond their control.

Ninja Comic    But I don't want to leave.

Venerable Master    Leave or take your own life you must.

Ninja Comic    ...Do you have a bus schedule handy?

Venerable Master    On the wall next to the "Don't Smoke! Except to evade Capture" pamphlet.

Nitui    Well, what do I do now?

Father    Next thing you know she will want to run off and “fight Crime” in some skimpy costume.

Nitui    Guess there is not time like the present.

Azuria    I am glad you are here, there have been several artifacts that have disappeared recently and we suspect they we’re taken by hellions. Could you go out and apprehend a few and question them?

Super Dude    You can count on me! One question, when do I get to rescue the missing fortune teller?

Azuria    Are we missing a fortune teller?