News for January 27th, 2006

They have not posted the winners of the comic contest.  I guess they don't mind their contestants losing interest.  If I see any info I will post it.

In other news, there really isn't any news.  Just doing the work gig and playing the game.  If you get bored and just want to say hi my ingame global handle is Ninja Comic.

I decided to add a new word to the vocabulary. Since you are all ready there, say hi in the forum. If you get bored, give this game a shot. Jukebox

First things first.... I have to say a huge thank you to Deadly for writing us this amazing Wikipedia article. Swing by check it out and then revel in the warm glow of Deadly's awesome-ness.

Who knew Girl and Boy scouts were such deviants hu?

Well big plans for the weekend we'll be having a wild a crazy night out going over to our friend's house watching Unleashed. Once we all see it we'll put up a review in our movies section. Also my Mom will be in town so it'll be great seeing her since I've been missing my folks.

Oh and if your bored Ninja and I started a Super Villain Group for our alts we're on Justice if you wanna join up send Ninja or myself (Global is Mindyface) a tell and you can join. We don't have a base or anything cool but our name is Ordered Chaos and if your in SG mode you get more salvage (which you can turn around and sell to high level players for nice cash). Maybe something more will come of it in the future but as for now it's just a cool name.


Script for January 27th, 2006

Girl Scout    What ya doin'?

Boy Scout    Hacking into the Hero Registration Computer.

Girl Scout    Is it hard?

Boy Scout    Nah, I got Statesman's password off of Google.

Girl Scout    I found the Hero Clearance Database.

Jonathon St. John Smythe    I'm sorry, we don't have a Ninja Comic in the database. Are you sure you're a hero and not just some freak in purple pajamas?