News for January 23rd, 2006

Back to the Heroes Journey.  I think we mentioned we would be doing it for the Monday comic strips.  It is twelve parts long, so get used to seeing it there for a while.  If you really hate seeing it, come post in our forums and we will read what you think.

In other news the votes are going to be tallied Monday evening or Tuesday and we will post the results.  Thanks again to all that voted for us.  And if you didn't vote for us...shame on you, shame on you all.

Here, if you don't frequent the forums, play Dodge the Dot.

By the way, we have been playing Villain side a lot more lately, so expect to see more villainous cartoons in the mix.  Off to log in now...BYE-EEEEEEE.

I nearly forgot I wanted to add this. The origin stories we are doing for the comic is not like our real lives. Nitui has wonderful parents and I have not been secretly in a Ninja School somewhere. I took online courses instead. As for Super Dude, his is totally true. Totally.

Okay today is the LAST day you can vote for our little comic. Voting ends at 1:00 today and we are listed under Ninja tech support. Not much new news…. Although we did have a great time with our friend Rick though I think we scared him off by force feeding him our wedding videos that he missed out on.

Tomorrow I'm starting training for a temp job I picked up. That should be interesting as during the interviewing process they asked me highly technical things like…how do you resize a window and if you wanted to open more than one browser window, how would you do that. The only thing that I'm a little grumpy about is they are making me…forcing me into downloading yahoo's messenger. Evil, vile, Yahoo…the bane of the personal computer…don't get me started on this or I'll tell you what I really think.


Script for January 16th, 2006

Title    The Heroes Journey - Call to Adventure

Narrator    In most cases something unexpected beckons or thrusts them into going on the adventure. Sometimes this is an old mystical being or benefactor and sometimes it is an event.

Venerable Master    Think you are funny, do you? Punishment fitting I have for you.

Ninja Comic    What’s that Master, trying to listen to your proverbs and not think of how much you sound like Yoda?

Venerable Master    No. Explains the laughter of my pupils, you have.

Father    The nerve of your daughter, Making up that story of being a mutant.

Mother    Oh, you know how kids are these days, they always want attention.

Father    Next thing you know she will want to run off and “fight Crime” in some skimpy costume. No ma’am, no child of mine.

Registrar    So, why are you still hanging around here?

Super Dude    Well, I’m not sure what to do next.

Registrar    We have some trash that needs to go out, the floors could be mopped, or you could go talk to Azuria like I told you to FIFTEEN MINUTES AGO.

Super Dude    Sorry, I got distracted, what were you saying?