News for January 16th, 2006

What a week it has been.  Two of my co-workers are at a class and it was one of the busiest weeks we have had in a long time.  I work Saturday and it is usually a reprieve from the regular hectic week, but not this week.  I ran around like a chicken that was being chased by some erratic cat or fox.

In other news, the voting for the comic begins Tuesday.  I will come back and fix this post with the link when I get one.  But not to worry, I will also post it on Friday's comic.

Ok, time has passed and I am back to fix the post. This is the link to vote . We are listed as Ninja Tech Support. Wow there are a lot of negative poeple posting in the thread. We never really claimed to be more then a sprite comic, but hey that's what we are.

Now then, about the comic.  I talked it over with Nitui and we decided to do the "Heroes Journey" or "Heroes Cycle" depending on which Literature Professor you talk to.  The basic theory is that epic type tales have the same fundamental parts.  Well, at least most of the basic parts in one form or another.  Since we are a webcomic about City of Heroes/Villains, I thought it was appropriate.  

Now, I must warn you, Nitui and I used to do improv.  We performed for many years on many stages for audiences of 250 people to 1 person.  Those were the days.  We were also training new people as well, so it was quite a lot more work then we had bargained for and eventually we burned out.  So, for myself anyway, my characters are backwards.  I develop the character then I figure out what would have made them that way.  I doubt that it is how the great writers do it, but what can you do.

The segments of the Heroes Journey do not have to happen exactly in order.  Think of Batman fighting bad guys and then flashing back to the night his parents died.  Good story telling.

So gang, if you are wanting to work on your background for your hero or if you want to write the great American novel, this is for you.  For the rest of you, well it's also going to explore the past of our main characters.   Now go get your Literature Professor and have them read the comic over the next few.  Maybe you can get extra credit.  Maybe they will like the comic and join the forum.  Then you can join the forum and make fun of them for all their spelling mistakes.

Well, first I'd like to ask you to go by and vote for us often! (Voting is the 17th through the morning of the 23rd). As Ninja said we'll edit the news with more info when we have it as voting starts tomorrow. If you haven't already seen our entries they're here. Aside from that most of Saturday was spent painting the guest bathroom to this color. It's hard to see the new color but it's a greeny-gray white, much improved imho. Sunday was spent on this comic so I hope ya like! See you Friday!


Script for January 16th, 2006

Title    The Heroes Journey - Origin

Narrator    The Hero has to start somewhere. The Hero has something that sets them apart. They are a misfit or they have a privileged life that they feel wrong about. The past is introduced as well as the ‘village mentality’ they must leave behind.

Venerable Master    Disrupted the meditation class, you have. Who brought a Whoopee Cushion?

Ninja Comic    I did master.

Venerable Master    Why?

Ninja Comic    I thought it would be funny?

Father    You know most kids go and get their nose pierced, but you went and actually got your skin dyed?

Nitui    It wasn’t me, I woke up this way.

Father    Now you're lying to me, are you going to tell me you are some kind of mutant? You’re grounded.

Supre Dude    So yeah, my parents are from another planet, and were incredibly wealthy. But they were killed right in front of me the day I was bitten by the radioactive dustmite and given the cosmic power ring that enhanced my all ready way too incredible powers.

Registrar    So why are you listed as Magical in origin?

Super Dude    I was hoping to get the rescue the lost fortune teller mission. I heard she’s pretty hawt.