News for January 2nd, 2006

Poor Ninja…married life is hell hu? As for ours it's been pretty good and New Years was nice. Our friend El Chupa Cabra came up and we had Indian food…gotta love the curry! Not too much more to report still haven't seen Memoirs of a Geisha /looks expectantly at Neo and Ninja. Oh! We are looking for some one to write a Wikipedia article for us (like Ctrl+Alt+Del's article) if you've got writing talent please post here.

Before we forget, I wanted to link a website for City of Heroes that has been a really good friend to us. CoH-Secrets has good information, tips, and hints. So when you get there, tell them we sent you and you will get a free tea cozy...or maybe not.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All!!!

In other news, Deadly Niteshade dropped this link off in the forum.  It started out being sort of a "hmmm" type thing but then sucked my attention in for over an hour.  Nitui was not very happy with me as I was supposed to be doing something with the comic.

Also, I mentioned in the last news that we had some toon ideas to clear off the plate prior to starting the "Big Project."  So, expect to see some odd one shots and maybe a tiny story arc in the near future.

As you may know, January 8th is fast approaching.  If you play CoH or CoV, you know that this spells the end of the holiday snowmen and presents stuff, so get cracking on those badges and hats.  However, that is also my sisters birthday.  So happy birthday sis!

One last thing, this is our 50th strip.


Script for January 2nd, 2006

Nitui    Remember during the wedding ceremony, when they talked about the sacrifices we have to make for one another?

Ninja Comic    Yeah...

Nitui    Well, I've been getting cold lately.

Ninja Comic    And...

Nitui    And I think you should be dressing warmer.