News for December 16th, 2005

After seeing Narnia, no I am not going to link it yet again, I saw this cartoon.  I thought it was very appropriate. 

First, let me say that we have set a standard of not using profanity in our comics and avoiding the suggestive stuff in favor of the more difficult humor that is clean.  Anybody can walk out on stage and list off the different parts of anatomy and get a laugh.  It might be one of those uncomfortable laughs, but it will count and that is all that matters.  If you look through my links here you will see that I list family Vs. not family friendly toons.  Most of the people that write these know why they are in which category and I am certain that they do not mind me steering away a reader that would wish to be careful. 

That said, I have been reading the comics by David Willis for quite some time and would consider myself a "non-vocal fan."  That is, until today.  So, before you dive into Short Packed and It's Joyce and Walky , be aware that it might get a tad bit blue and please don't be offended.

In other news, we are going to be out of town this weekend.  Visiting the family down in Arizona for the holidays.  Before you panic, we will have the Monday strip up early.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Well not much to report other than first I got what very little Christmas shopping I'm gonna do this year done today! Yea me! (No peaking Ninja) Second I felt that my job interview went very well. (/crosses fingers) I really hope this one comes through it'd be a position doing the kinda stuff I'd like to get into. I am looking forward to getting outta town. We should have alotta fun with Ninja's family over the next few.

OH and I wanna welcome all the new readers! Our numbers over the last couple of days have jumped…so welcome and head to our forums and say hi.


Script for December 16th, 2005

Tank Daddy:    Well, I heard about the eviction and I want you to know, you guys can have the entire basement at my house.

Ninja Comic:    Wow, that's nice of you. We weren't sure where exactly we were going to go.

Ninja Comic:    What?

Tank Daddy:    The dog can't come.

Author's note:    to be continued...