News for December 12th, 2005

Now, I know some of you get a bit worried about how much the comic reflects our lives and such.  To answer this, I want you all to know that we were not evicted from our humble abode.  That said, I also want you to know we did not get a dog.  Our neighbor has two and that is quite enough.  Besides, I don't think our cats would appreciate us getting a dog, no matter how cute it is.

In other news, we hope to hit Narnia tomorrow or the next day so expect to see some kind of review about it here.

Also, if you get bored, try this game on for size. Proximity

Well I have to say that I was asking for a comic about this. When we heard that in game you must actually PAY Rent for you super bases they suddenly became too much like real life and I personally lost interest. What would happen if you didn't pay your Super Base rent? Would you have to block the mystical entrance to your base from the Super Repossession team? Can you call your Super Landlord and make an excuse about how, crime may not pay but being a hero certainly doesn't either?

Not to always be out done by my ever loving Ninja I have a fun link for you too. See ya Friday!


Script for December 12th, 2005

Nitui:    Thanks for going to see RENT with me.

Reap:    Sure, it was fun.

Nitui:    What happened?

Ninja Comic:    Apparently the Super Base people wanted to see RENT too.