News for December 5th, 2005

So, now we have a demanding dog that wants to be fed.  In real life we have four cats and they complain loudly in the morning for food.  Sometimes I get up and walk with my bleary eyes half open towards the bedroom door.  The cats, in pure elation, run out of the room to the kitchen where the food dishes are only to hear the door slam upstairs.  Nitui and I sometimes get to sleep in as late as 9 on the weekend.  I hear children are worse, but not much.

I would like to point out, incase you did not notice, we are now posting on Monday and Friday.  As Nitui said, "Start and end your week with PJ Chronicles."  She should be in advertising.

In other news, snow is falling, so play Snow Warfare now.  When you get tired go back to being a Jedi or Sudoku.

Well I don't have to much to report other than I'm thrilled to have my internet back up and running. I'm hoping today or Tuesday to get out to see Aeon Flux. I'm more than half way through A Feast of Crows and so far I don't like it as much as the other books but they always take a while before you're totally sucked in. Then your addicted and you spend many hours clicking refresh on his site waiting for updates about when the next book will be really!

I guess I should say that the Christmas tree is up and starting what little shopping I'm gonna do. You guys have any cool things your gonna buy? Maybe we should start a cool things thread...not the super spendy stuff but the stuff you pick up and say "hey, that's kinda cool"


Script for December 5th, 2005

Nitui:    Ninja, get up and feed your dog.

Nitui:    NINJA, feed the dog.

Fippy:    GRRRRR.

Nitui:    NINJA! FEED THE DOG!!!!