News for December 1st, 2005

Well, I am certain this is a familiar scene when involving pets and children.  When they are good it's "That's my boy!" and when they are bad the "Your dog's" comes out.  And no wonder, we live in a blameless society.  I should sue the Paragon City mayor for not stopping me from bringing this animal home.

In other news- "do you know what your son did at school today?"  Just kidding.

When I was looking for a scratched up sofa for this comic (I couldn't find one so I had to make one) I came across this product. Now I have a very vain cat as cats tend to be and I wonder if she'd even let me come close to putting these things on her though I have to say they're a cool idea. In other news- did the job interview thing today after hiking for an hour and a half. Being a true geek, this was nearly lethal to my legs. Let me tell you how much fun heals were after that! See you Monday!


Script for December 1st, 2005

Ninja Comic:    Would you just look at what your dog did to the couch?

Nitui:    What do you mean, "My dog?"