News for November 29th, 2005

Well, looks like we got some of the unpacking done in the new Super Base.  My bro Loch did the decorating...not sure why the beds have leather straps attached to them though.  At any rate, who doesn't like having a pet dog?  Now Bloody Bay is one of the three areas where you can cross over from City of Heroes to City of Villains, so you can only imagine what evil plan the Super Villain Dog thing has in his evil and twisted mind.  Perhaps chasing a ball is high in his priorities. Perhaps not.

In other news, we saw RENT and the review is here.  I liked it so go see it now.  Well, after you read Nitui's stuff.

As Ninja said we saw RENT, so check there for my review as well. The turkey day stuff went very smoothly with very little work on my part so I guess that's good. Though I have to say the holidays feel weird with out my folks (this is the first year with out them) I guess that means it's time to drag out the Christmas tree and the decorations and start to get into the Christmas mood. <soapbox> Because I know that NO ONE would possibly start Christmas stuff early?!? Right!?!

The radio stations wouldn't already be playing their tired selection of Christmas songs already, would they? To quote a friend...5 weeks of Christmas is enough...we don't need to start before thanksgiving. I mean are we TRYING to belittle Thanksgiving by starting the Christmas merriment before Thanksgiving even happens! Do you think that Thanksgiving feels like it's being over shadowed by big brother Christmas?

This all coming from someone who likes Christmas... </soapbox>

Not much else to report other than the poll is coming to an end so get your votes in it could totally change the future of the comic! ...or maybe not.


Script for November 29th, 2005

Ninja Comic:    So, I was hanging out in Bloody Bay...

Nitui:    Please tell me you weren't "trying to arrest" that chick dressed only in barbed wire again.

Ninja Comic:    No.

Ninja Comic:    I swear, you arrest one naked...

Ninja Comic:    Anyway, I found a dog. I think. Can we keep him?

Nitui:    Please tell me you kept the receipt.