News for November 29th, 2005

I have decided it is time for a revolution of sorts.  At work we are going through the painful review period and I just don't like it.  The reality is, I have monthly meetings telling me about my job and how I am doing.  A yearly review is merely a thinly veiled attempt to explain why the raise I am going to get is going to fall two and a half percent short of the rise in cost of living.  I realized that after working at my company for four years that I am now making less (relatively) then I was six years ago.  I think companies should stop rewarding work with raises and simply give cost of living increases.  If somebody is not doing a good job then they should be reprimanded or fired.  If they are doing well, promote them or give them a bonus.  If they are doing their job adequately, then there is no reason for them to have their pay reduced by two and half percent a year as reward.  Companies worry about the cost to train people and the loss in productivity while new people are getting the hang of it.  A lot of folks don't want more difficult jobs or more responsibility, they just want to keep status quo.  To keep up with the bills, you must move with the ambition of Caesar and try to become a leader simply to gain a raise that will cover the increase in taxes and food, not to mention gas.  I know, I am dreaming, but somehow I just want my thoughts to be heard.

In other news, how about those new Super Bases.  Just like in real life, they cost a whole lot more then they are worth and they come largely unfurnished.

Also I would like to share with you the game that is sweeping the nation faster then the old guy with a push broom at the end of a Rocky and Bullwinkle


As you may or may not have noticed we made some changes to the site…we've changed the menu to css based and added a page (extras) right now there's only one desktop up there but there will be more….if you have suggestions post them up under Nitui's stuff. Not much else to report other than the poll is coming to an end so get your votes in.

Oh that and I think that I have conquered the elusive Turkey Chowder. My mom always made this yummy soup as one of those things you do with left over turkey that was so good that I'd request the turkey just to get the soup. As an adult I made my mind up to make this easy (as mom says) soup. I have failed time and time again but I think tonight I have claimed victory! Official title will be awarded once Ninja actually gets to try it but, I think it's just like mom makes.


Script for November 17th, 2005

Ninja Comic:    Well Nitui, what do you think of our new Super Base?

Nitui:    Well, it certainly is less cluttered then our apartment.

Ninja Comic:    Over there we'll have a pool table.

Ninja Comic:    There a fridge and microwave.

Ninja Comic:    And behind me a big screen TV.

Nitui:    And where do we sleep?

Ninja Comic:    On the couch?

Nitui:    Well, one of us will.