News for November 10th, 2005

There ya go, the dark underbelly of begging in City of Heroes. Yes they make them nearly naked, yes they offer loudly to dance for influence (money), yes they are fourteen year old boys and such, and yes people give them stuff. I find it a bit disturbing and the game is full of it. Probably the one, biggest put off of the game. Once you get a bit higher in level though, it all goes away. Oddly enough, "Stripper GRL" does not really want to fight crime.

Hmm since Monday I've be come an official small biz open for government contracting but a side from a little work haven't been doing too much else cause I think I'm coming down with a cold. So, there's nothing left to say but.....Party at Lord of the Flame's!

See ya Monday!


Script for November 10th, 2005

Nitui:    Looks like she needs more then just influence.

Ninja Comic:    What, like clothes?

Nitui:    Yeah, that and some self respect.

Sign:    Lost everything in a respec accident. Need infl, Enhancements, or even insp. Will stand still for pics.