News for November 8th, 2005

So, there ya go.  Is this the end of the segway story?  I would hate to think that this was keeping you up at night.  Probably need to retire Supa Troll though, would not want him demanding pay for his huge acting talents.

In other news, we saw The Weatherman today.  I will do the review for it here.

By the way, Nitui hit level 30 and is now the same level as Ninja in game.  This represents way too much time spent on playing the game.  Someday, there will be a way to turn our wasted time on the computer into cold hard cash.

Well another Tuesday has rolled around and another comic. I don't know the time to make the comic is dropping... so either we're getting smarter or faster one of the two. Maybe I could even squeeze a third one a week out. Though I'm getting a good deal why I whip up the artwork he drags me around on the second computer and loads me up on badges and as you can see exp.... It's a win-win situation.

Not much to tell in the personal life I'm still plugging away at trying to get my biz up and going. If you guys have any helpful hints let me know! I'd love to hear em'. See ya Thursday.


Script for November 8th, 2005

Ninja Comic:    OK Supa Troll, give up the Segway.

Supa Troll:    Take it from me, wimp.

Ninja Comic:    Fine.

Ninja Comic:    Uhhh

Ninja Comic:    50 bucks and we never speak of this again?