News for November 3rd, 2005

First, I think there was a small bit of confusion about the Halloween strip we did.  I guess a couple folks confused it for the regular Tuesday strip.  If you did, do not despair, click this link, and you will go there! Enough poetry. 

In other news, with the release of City of Villains and the changes to enhancements, folks are going nuts with "Respecs" or re-specialization.  If you are unfamiliar, this is where you drop all your powers and such then rebuild fresh.  It gives you the chance to remake your character and reshape your powers.  However, if you are not paying attention you can click done and lose the enhancements to vendor prices or maybe a third of their cost.  I doubt you would need to beg to replace all of them but still, funny to think about on the high level guys with the very rare enhancements.  And if you thought you got away from the beggars in EQ or didn't.

Well not too much to tell from Monday I've been scrambling around trying to pay bills. This first month while the company gets kicked off will hopefully be the worst it gets. I had some time today to play with some of the advanced CSS and if you guys are web geeks like me then you'll understand why I'm in love! I've never liked the coding side to things as I think I've mentioned... but this is the first thing that I've found that makes sense!

I'm not repeating myself ((example in normal speak of a normal coding procedure to say "bob will come when I call") there is a guy named bob, that I will call, when I call for bob, bob will come, bob will come when I call, if else bob doesn't come I will call again.) and I'm not using highly cryptic terms and I don't have to wonder around for hours wondering what bit of code moves this one slider 3 pixels to the left. It's logical (not in "code logic"...real person logic) and it works cross-brower as much as any other language. It's not for the non-geek, don't get me wrong but man, is it going to make my job easier....I wish they would have taught me this in school! Something else to make life easier ADOBE-MACROMEDIA .... get a spell-check! Thank you ::steps down of soap box::

So, how are your weeks thus far? Two more weeks until the "good movies premiering every week to Christmas" starts. Kicked off by none other than Harry Potter. ::does a little happy dance::


Script for November 3rd, 2005

Announcer:    BEGGING! It's not just for citizens any more!

Sign:    Lost everything in a respec accident. Need infl, enhancements, or even insp. Anything will help. God Bless.