News for November 1st, 2005

Well, hope everybody's Halloween went well and that most of you do not have stomach aches from too much candy.  There was a strong lack of little ninja's at the door this year.  Must be time for a new ninja movie.

In other news, we went to The Legend of Zorro with my bro and sis.  All in all it was a good time and I approve of any masked sword wielder in a movie.  Though Zorro is not a ninja, he is still cool.  How do I know he is not an ninja?  Well the spurs jingle and that right there would be a dead no no for a ninja. Any way, hang tight as we have more things coming your way.  But to tide you over, a magic trick here for registered users.

How was your Halloween? It seems like the Power Rangers were most popular costume on the kids here. I thought they were dieing but I guess without someone to take their place kids are gonna still be attracted to them.

Ninja and I went and saw Zorro today with our friends Ken and Ree (thanks guys)! I enjoyed Zorro it felt like a good last go around even if it wasn't intended that way.

Then again I've always like Zorro...I guess that's what you get for being a Daddy's girl. When your father likes Zorro, you can't help but like him too. I think it was always the swoosh swoosh swoosh as he signed his Z that got me.

On another note I'm official! Nitui LLC is up and going. It was actually first a web company name and then a CoH character and now the co-star of a comic. So, I guess we're coming full circle again and now Nitui is an official multi-media design biz. Ya! See you guys Thursday!


Script for November 1st, 2005

Ninja Tech:    Thank you for calling Ninja Technical Support. I can not tell you my name but my operator ID is 4YZ. How may I help you?

Voice on phone:    Yes, my stealth invisibility seems to not be hiding me.

Ninja Tech:    Oh, well that can be a problem. Are you currently in full Ninja robes?

Voice on phone:    Yes.

Ninja Tech:    Have you willed yourself invisible?

Voice on phone:    Yes.

Ninja Tech:    Are you standing by a three ton clockwork with burning death in its eyes?

Voice on phone:    Yeah, how did you know that?

Ninja Tech:    I'm showing that you are past due on your Ninja School loans. Thank you for calling Ninja Tech Support.

Ninja Comic:    Oh darn.