News for October 27th, 2005

So, here we have our first Thursday comic. We are planning on them being quick shots so I hope you are not disappointed with it.

Now, if you find yourself bored, go here.  This comic was sparked by my Batman pez dispenser on my desk and just sort of grew from there. Oh, and we know we spelled it with two Z's.

In other news, I have added another round of smilies, come in and say hi in the forum so you can use them. Beyond that I think we are covered till next week.

Well as you can see the Thursday format is going to be single panel. So ya get a big one on Tuesday and a bonus on Thursday to ease you into the fun of the weekend. We hope this helps with the it's just the day in between comics. I did get to talk to the SBAC and got some useful info. Tomorrow I make the trek down to officially make myself an LLC :oD

Look for the Ninja and Nitui smiles. Then you can say WWND. Also hopefully you guys noticed I added new buttons. We'll see if we can liven up this site some. What's your Halloween plans?


Script for October 27th, 2005

Announcer:    New from the creators of PJ Chronicles:

Announcer:    The Ninja Comic PEZZ Dispenser!

Announcer:    Carry your candy in a non-sticky dispenser!

Announcer:    And remember kids; Anything that comes out of a Super Heroes throat, is good to eat.

Announcer:    Coming soon, the Nitui PEZZ Dispenser!