News for October 25th, 2005

Hey kids, what time is it? Oddly enough, there are a number of kids out there that have no idea what I am talking about. Go here to find out.

Well Nitui and I have been talking and we thought perhaps we could do two comics a week. So starting Thursday-ish we are going to start getting a second up. If we have a drop in quality of life or approach burn out on ideas, then we will cut it back to one a week. Wish us luck.

In other news, We have been playing City of Villains. Good game so far, but don't worry, we are not giving up on CoH.

I just wanted to say thanks to the folks that come a read this strip, you have a lot of choices for web entertainment and we are just happy that you spend some of it here.

Yep...not one but TWO glorious comics per dos, Double your pleasure, biweekly, Two peas in a pod, The ants go marching two by two, or some such. ::cracks knuckles:: I'll have alotta work ahead of me but I'm up to it for your enjoyment.

Well the SBA blew me off last week but rescheduled for this week...I'll let you guys know when I'm all official like. Aside from that I've just been working on this crapy mammoth of a flash project. Though, I have decided to start working on my art again. I've got my easel set up (thank you ninja) and I'm ready to fiddle. If anything descent comes outta it I'll share with you guys...if you're interested. To kick things off this was sketched on paper, then scanned and quickly colored in Photoshop. I was trying to keep it line art looking but I might try to take it more realistic and add more shading. As you can tell I'm rusty. See ya Thursday!


Script for October 25th, 2005

Ninja Comic:    What's the deal with all these fanboys? Why do they have to dress up like some pointless character of a movie they haven't even seen yet?

Nitui:    It's part of the escapism. They want to be part of something and this is the only outlet for some.

Nitui:    It kind of makes me sad that they are that alone.

Ninja Comic:    I'm just glad we didn't go to the premiere of "The Full Monty."