News for October 11th, 2005

What to say, what to say.  This wraps up the three parter.  Hope you had fun with it.  I am trying to decide if I am upset about the Enhancement Diversification thing in game.  I am thinking I don't really care that much, as that was how I thought the enhancements worked to begin with so I only have like on item 6 slotted at this point.

In other news, I bought a folding chair for two year olds for my cat Yakko.  It's kind of like a lawn chair but wider and has Batman emblazoned on it. Well it looks like this but with Batman on it. Also, my monitor is no longer working so I am looking at a 15'' instead of a 21'' and I am very sad.  But the headaches have finally stopped.  Seems I get no love when it comes to the computers.

Well work this last week has been crazy! Though I felt good about getting another site lunched yesterday :oD The client told me " Keep rockin' little lady!". How often is it that you get fun clients like that hu? I thinking of giving it up and just start my own web design company...any suggestions? Well we saw Oliver Twist and I have to say that I've never read the book but it seems that they didn't even get the fabulous line right. All in all I was disappointed. But I guess it's gonna be a slow couple of weeks until the awesome releases in November. Starting to plan the holidays going out to see the folks for thanksgiving but, is anyone else staying home this Christmas?


Script for October 11th, 2005

Title:    PJ Chronicles presents: Why Heroes Have Secret Identities

3:    Spam

Ninja Comic:    Sigh

2:    Commercial Endorsements

Tank Daddy:    Why do you only get me antiperspirant commercials?

Bernie Levinson:    You have such photographic arm pits!

1:    Law Suits

Editor:    OOOPS! Disney did that one.