News for October 4th, 2005

Well, here we are coming round the bend on this three part comic.  I am betting you are all on pins and needles waiting for the last panel. 

I would just like to say that if you look in the lower right corner, you can see Girls Scouts leg through the glass table top.  Those little touches that Nitui puts in stagger me sometimes.

In other news, we saw Serenity  and the reviews are here.  After months of pain and suffering, my computer problems seem to be at an end.  I replaced the mother board, I guess I built a new PC, and have not had an error since. Also we have been watching Battlestar Galactica  on DVD thanks to Ben lending it to us and I have been enjoying it.  Sure, it was not really much like the original show, but it is fun for me and thats what matters.

See why I keep him around? He gives me way too much credit.
This week has been crazy work wise as the wheels are turning on a couple of web design contracts I have. On top of having some migraines :o( Though Saturday I went to my friend Katie's wedding (congrats again Katie) and then saw Serenity.

There is my week in a nutshell as things develop I'll let ya know until then enjoy our Top9 Series. :oD


Script for October 4th, 2005

Title:    PJ Chronicles presents: Why Heroes Have Secret Identities

6:    Autographs

Waiter:    And if I can get your autograph right here...

Mounds:    I'm flattered but I really don't like to...

Waiter:    It's for the credit card Ma'am.

5:    Relationships

Husband:    I just got your phone bill! Who is Rick Davies and why are you calling him all day and night?

Dottie:    It's not what you think, he's just a contact silly.

4:    Damage Charges

Dad:    I'm sorry honey, till we finish paying off the repairs on the Atlas statue, you don't get any allowance.

Girl Scout:    Aww, dad.