News for September 27th, 2005

Things have settled down sice we got back, we have even had time to play City of Heroes.

Also, I have now gotten my younger brother addicted to the game so we can have the whole fam get in and beat stuff up.

In other news the movie review area is getting lots of use. We saw The Corpse Bride. Click the link if you care what I thought about the flick. Other movie reviews are here at the bottom. Feel free to check out the forum and if you want, you can even post comments on the movies after the initial reviews are done.

WOOT! Today's comic makes 25 comics! So, we now have a quarter...of well a hundred. Uh... Ya... Okay well I got excited. Hope ya like the new story arc it was fun creating this today. As far as the personal life goes been keeping busy by job hunting. I have a part-time job now but would really like something full time ....with you know insurance. Aside from that many new movies that actually look good have come out

so, when I'm not dinking around on the 'puter I'm guessing that's where you'll find me. Don't forget Serenity comes out this weekend, go out and see it….many times.


Script for September 27th, 2005

Title:    PJ Chronicles presents: Why Heroes Have Secret Identities

9:    Protect the Family

Almond Joy:    Mom, Dad, I'm a hero.

Dad:    There will be no spandex in my household!

Mom:    Gasp!

8:    Odd work hours

Boss:    You are late again!

Nitui:    Sorry! Next time I'll try to schedule bank robberies for my lunch hour.

7:    Limited work skills

Ninja Comic:    Want fries with that?