News for September 20th, 2005

Well, we made it back from Las Vegas. No, really we did. I am not kidding we really are here now. The worst part about kidding folks is they never know when you are serious.

Anyway, We did a lot of different things while we were out there. The big kick off to the Honeymoon was the Segway tour. We would like to give a big shout out to Thaddeus and Lorena. If you go there and do the tour, tell them we sent ya and they will not have a clue who you are talking about because we used our secret identites for the trip.

We did see a few shows while we were there but I am going to let Nitui talk about those. I am now going to take the time to smash one of the places we went in the hopes that somebody will learn from their mistakes.

Well, the new attraction at Star Trek: The Experience has to do with a 4d theatre and the Borg. Not as cool as the Klingon was but still interesting and good stuff for the whole family. You even get probed by aliens in the backside. Talk about full service.

While we were there we thought we would pop into Quark's Bar and Restaurant. This was so much fun the first time we went to Vegas I just had to go again and have some Gok. In the show Gok was live worms but at the restaurant it is vanilla ice cream with gummy worms. Apparently it is only on the child's menu and that means something there. Since we had eaten just before I was really not that hungry and only wanted the desert. Much to my dismay, they will not let you order it if you are not a child. After four more returns from the waiter asking if I had decided on something to eat, I finally told him no, since I could not have the ice-cream and that was all I wanted. Really, at every other restaurant I have been to, if the customer wanted the kids desert, they would "bend the rules" and get it to keep the customer happy. Instead all they managed to do was lose a customer in their crappy little over priced restaurant.

Instead I suggest going to Roxy's Diner. Far more entertaining and the food was great. The waiters sing for entertainment and there are no freaks in costumes spouting off about restaurant policy on serving deserts.

In other news, Movie reviews are moved here. If you feel you must respond on a review, just make sure you are logged in to be able to post.

Before I get into the trip I want to say alotta cool comic related stuff is going on. First is for those of you who missed it yesterday we did the Making of PJ-Chron! Also as Ninja said go help us review those movies! We noticed that among our friends it was always a good topic of conversation and most of the time the chat about it themselves s were entertaining. So come give us your two cents....

As Ninja said we had a fine time in the Vegas of the Las. The room we had at Fairfield was incredible...most apartments I've seen wasn't as big. So, a special thanks to the folks and grandpa again for making it all happen. We saw two afternoon shows that were well worth the price of drinks to get in. See Ronn Lucas and Mac King in that order. When I went into both of these shows and the audience was either my grandparents age or children I was skeptical but I thoroughly enjoyed both shows. Penn and Teller say it best "If you don't like Mac King there's something wrong with you".

As for evening shows we didn't have such luck. We just happened to be there during the time while tons and tons of shows were dark. So, we attended V the Ultimate Variety Show which while the opening act of unicycles playing jump rope and basketball was unusual and there was a good juggler in the mix the rest of the 90 min show was a waste of time and was obviously set up on the lest-see-how-many-people-we-can-run-through mentality. This show included the worst magician I've seen in a long time (we went to a magic shop about 5 doors down from the show and the guy behind the counter was a much better magician), a host who acted gay but kept referring to his wife as a her and the grand finale was a guy running around putting on pieces of costumes and lip-syncing....not entertaining in the slightest. We also tried to attend Second City's Unscripted show but they canceled the show and neglected to even put out a sign to tell us it was canceled.

All in all the evening shows were disappointing but, the rest of the trip was great. It seems like we were both complaining about this trip but we both agreed it was fun. I guess when it comes right down to it when you have great company like I had no matter were you go is fun...even the desert.


Script for September 20th, 2005

Nitui:    What on earth is that?

Ninja Comic:    It's a Segway.

Nitui:    It hardly seems practical for crime fighting.

Ninja Comic:    And high heels are? Besides, at the end of the day my feet don't hurt.

Narrator:    Sometime Later...

Nitui:    How do I look?

Ninja Comic:    Good.

Nitui:    One question though; Why are you wearing high heels?