News for September 13th, 2005

Whew boy, it sure is hot here in Las Vegas. Ummm, let's see what else I can say... The room is awesome and ummm the show we just saw was great! Ok, ok, you busted me. We are posting this early since we will be in Las Vegas Tuesday. Don't panic! We'll come back and give an update later.

This week keeps rolling along as we prepare for our trip to Vegas. I have managed to get some picture up before we left but, right now I'm guestimateing that we have some 900 pictures to go through of "The Big Day". Here is a tinny tiny picture from the day. I still think that I look better in the dress than ninja....but he does have that purple that goes so well.

I'm sure we'll have lots and lots to talk about next week. Though I have to say strange things are a foot in CoH...Today I had a mish with two full groups! It was nuts with 16 lvl 15s running around. Frostfire never had a chance. (Man I wish CoH had a Allakhazam....I know, I know I'm showing my EQ in me.) Anyway, The wedding was wonderful. Blissful I'd even say. I'm very happy. I'd even say it was worth the two months of 40 hours a week planning. Though not worth the work again....right Ninja....right?!?!


Script for September 13th, 2005

Ninja Comic:    I'm a wild and crazy guy!

Ninja Comic:    Man, this thing gives me a headache.

Nitui:    So don't do it.

Ninja Comic:    Sometimes there has to be pain in comedy.

Nitui:    Steve Martin used a fake arrow.

Ninja Comic:    Oh.

Nitui:    Hospital?

Ninja Comic:    Sure, I have a free visit on my frequent die-er card.