News for August 30th, 2005

Another breakneck pace week. Did the bachelor party gig Sunday. I want to say thanks to my bro's for the whole thing. We went paint-balling, dinner, and then a movie. It was a great evening and I had a great time. I want to make it clear that the paintball thing was frustrating for me. I seemed to be a paintball magnet and died an awful lot. However, I did see the potential though for the fun, and I am not against trying again.

After we were done eating my lovely bride to be came down and we went and saw Brothers Grimm. I liked it, though I understand where some of the uneven feel comes from. They were trying so hard to add in bits from the actual fairytales that they seemed out of place. One or two bad special effects does not help. But, like I said, I did enjoy the movie.

5 days to the wedding and counting.

Like Ninja I also did the bachelorette thing. Since I don't have that many girlfriends my Matrons of Honor (yes they're plural and yes you can have more than one) decided to carry on something that I started...they took me to the spa and then out for a yummy meal. Can't get much better than that....massage then wine :oD. I came home and the boys called just in time to save me from having to clean house to come down and watch the movie. 

My folks get in tomorrow and that kicks off the whirl-wind week counting down to the wedding. You know, I get a lot of folks that are asking me if I'm nervous. At this point I think that I'm getting nervous 'cause they keep asking me if I'm nervous....why do they know something I don't know?!?...Is that hurricane heading towards Colorado due to make the longest cross-country meander just in time for my wedding?!?!!!! Yiip!!

Though I'm not stressed...not yet any way.


Script for September 2nd, 2005

Furious Fire:    What's with the smile?

Apoplectic Fit:    New Socks!