News for August 16th, 2005

Not much going on here, just cleaning and prepping for the wedding in two weeks and change.

The AC is fixed finally and only after it died 3 days after the install and a week and a half of pestering them.

In other news we saw Red Eye. I liked it, so I guess that means it was better then some other Wes craven movies. I would love to say I have spoilers for you but I don't see how I could give you more then the actual trailer gives you. If you want to see a thriller, go see it.

Well as Ninja said we saw Red Eye's sneak preview. I really like that however untruthful it is, that a normal girl has some hope of defending herself. Though I must say *SPOILER* that I was disappointed with this ending much like Mr. and Mrs. Smith...just cause we kill the minions why is the person in charge not coming after them? *SPOILER*

I just finished Memoirs of a Geisha and yes it's good. I loved getting to peak into the Japanese culture. They're also turning this into a movie apparently the movie studios have faintly figured out that books are a good place to get stories from). Another flick from Sony that I'm very excited for is RENT. Rent is one of my all time favorite musicals and that's saying a lot since I consider myself to slightly be a theatre geek.

Thanks to Jon-san for the book recommendation! I have one more book lined up to read and then I will definitely try that one gotta love Ben Bova.


Script for August 16th, 2005

B00M B3T4:    I am so jazzed now that I have Combat Jump! Now, back over to Skyway after the Trolls.*

Authors Note:    *Translated from binary.

B00M B3T4:    Oops, car.