News for August 9th, 2005

What's to say?  Line of sight teleport seems cool till you can't see where you want to go, not too mention that straight up is very difficult.  Seems to me that you should be able to select distance without there being something to click on for a target.

In other news, the menu is set for the wedding.  If you are having a wedding, I suggest Maggianos as a good place for reception.  The wine and food tasting was awesome.  We left with several bags of leftovers and they picked up the tab.  It's good to be the groom.    They give you food and drink and then ask you what you think. Since it isn't your mom or wife cooking, there is nobody to offend!  Chow down and enjoy the ride.  I may have to get my costume let out around the tum though.

Well after a terribly busy weekend we are that much closer to being ready for the weekend. It took all of my mom's lawyer negotiating skills to do it... but... we're so much closer to done.

I'm looking for a new book to read...have any suggestions? I love Sci-fi/ fantasy stuff but really any good fiction is great!

Something on a fun note....I came across Eejits a while ago. Though don't look at them too long you'll feel an uncontrollable need to doodle.


Script for August 9th, 2005

Ninja Comic:    Hey Nitui, hurry up so we can nail these guys.

Nitui:    Porting up now.

Ninja Comic:    Never knew porting up buildings was so hard.

Nitui:    Maybe I'll just take the stairs.