News for July 26th, 2005

So, another week has gone by. Seems that, just like Ever Quest, the scantily clad females get all the influence. I just wondered what would happen if the contacts could react as well.

In other news, we saw "The Island". In general I liked it, there were a few moments where it went to far or left me wanting something more, but it fits the bill of summer action film and that's more then some others I have seen. I was expecting more from Scarlett Johansson with her being the second named billed but who knows what the director cut out. I would also like to point out that Ewan McGregor is startling to look a lot like Roger Moore .

Tired but feel like I got stuff done today, I got the wedding invitations out. :oD I'm almost done with the latest Harry Potter. I really had hoped to finish it tonight but I guess it'll be another day. Hope all is well with you...until next comic.


Script for July 26th, 2005

Almond Joy:    So, I arrested that guy that stole your poodle, can I have your number now?

Juan Jimenez:    I'm not sure I can trust you with that yet.

Almond Joy:    Come on, I've done every mission and errand you've asked me to. I even did the "Pick up my drycleaning and bring friends because it might be very dangerous" task.

Juan Jimenez:    True, but they were wrinkled when you got them here.

Almond Joy:    Oh, you have got to be kidding...

Juan Jimenez:    Hang on, who is this?

Polly Parrot:    Hey babe, I know we've never met, but can I get your number?

Juan Jimenez:    Sure.

Juan Jimenez:    Now run over and ask sombe guy whose name I forget near that place with the statue if he ever heard of some bad guy or something k? Thanks.

Almond Joy:    Sigh.