News for July 12th, 2005

The funny thing about this 'toon is how easily Nitui found her dress and how difficult finding the right suit for me has been. You see, we are doing a 1920's themed wedding. I know, I know, "Super heroes pretending to be mobsters in a speak easy?" Our hopes is that it will be fun and that's all that matters. Well, Nitui walked by a dress shop and decided right there on the dress. Yes, she did try on a few others but really it was this one. Meanwhile, the suit took several stores and tux shops. I still have yet to find a decent black fedora hat to complete the outfit and she all ready has her veil. Ah well, the guy does not always make out like a bandit in the wedding.

In other news, the air conditioner decided to die this weekend. The house was over 80 at one point and that is just not cool. Looks like we get to sink $3500 or more to fix it. I love owning a house.

A bandit it will be.

His suit cost almost as much as my dress....which tells you what a great price my dress is. The wedding stuff (which is all I do these days) is coming along and I'm feeling good about it. My mom was in town this weekend and it was good to spend time with her even if it was while running ourselves ragged. I'm one of those very lucky folk where my mom is also a great friend of mine. I know it sounds cheesey but I count myself lucky. Speaking of luck...wait until you guys see Ninja in his suit....I was drooling!

On another note we did get to see Fantastic Four and I think Ninja liked it more than I did. It was good but it was no batman. I think I set it at about Daredevil the Director's Cut (which is a much better movie by the by). 4 like DD had some cute moments and one or two characters you like to watch but nothing really...there. Worth seeing but one you buy in the grocery store when it comes down to $14.95.


Script for July 12th, 2005

Nitui:    Naw, just doesn't seem right.

Nitui:    I don't think so.

Nitui:    You've got to be kidding?!?

Nitui:    Well, maybe afterwards...

Nitui:    PERFECT!