News for July 1st, 2005

Busy day here, obviously, as we kick out an unprecedented second strip in a week.  We are quite pleased with ourselves mind you.  Well, quite pleased with Nitui at any rate.  I am considering dragging her to see Batman Begins again only this time at the Imax.  Wish me luck that she does not resist. And now, off to buy her birthday present.

(Like I would, I LOVED Batman!)
So, not much news on my front, well if you don't count the fact that I graduated and am getting married LOL. Poor folks most of them are going to get a wedding invitation the same time they are getting a graduation announcement from me. As far as the wedding goes unlike my alter ego here I'm way ahead of the game...I have my dress, the place to have the wedding, my maids of honor dresses and the hotel for all the outta town guests. So, though spending most of my time on wedding plans, I am getting to have some fun here and there...I actually got to log on to CoH and /gasp... beat bad guys into submission. 


Script for July 1st, 2005

Nitui:    Hmm need a dress...

Ninja Comic:    Nitui, what happened?

Nitui:    Hmm need a dress...

Nitui:    and flowers...

Nitui:    and shoes...

Nitui:    and you'll have to meet my Dad.

Ninja Comic:    Nitui?

Ninja Comic:    NITUI!

Nitui:    Yeah?

Nitui:    Huh?

Ninja Comic:    What happened?

Nitui:    Oh, had to go tell my Daddy.

Nitui:    Why?