News for June 21st, 2005

It's official I'm a graduate (again). This time with a Bachelors of Art in Interactive Media Design. We'll have a lot more updates for ya next why this weeks' comic is late. As for now it's late and I'm exhausted...if you have not seen it...see Batman . It's as good as everyone says it is.

Today I felt like an Evil Vampire King. I have been dealing with aphids in the backyard killing the rosebuds before they bloom. We bought 300 ladybugs and I released them tonight. I left out a cry, "Go forth, feed and kill those lesser creatures my minions! I am looking forward to City of Villains . In other gardening news I have been fighting Snow on the Mountain in the front yard. This nasty stuff is listed as invasive and overgrew the brick boundaries and started killing grass. I put down "kills all" and hopefully that will be that.


Script for June 21st, 2005

Hellion 2:    C'mon, lets collect a cape!

Hellion 1:    I smell spandex!

Orc Pawn:    You've ruined your own lands, you'll not ruin mine!

Hellion 2:    What?

Hellion 1:    Dude what's wrong with you?

Orc Pawn:    I'm sorry. I'm still working that second job at EQ.

Hellion 2:    Well get it together man. And what's with that stupid shirt?

Girl Scout:     Guys, I'm still here.

Hellion 2:    Butt out cape, this is a private conversation.

Hellion 1:    Ok, that's it. I can't work under these conditions.

Hellion 1:    I quit.