News for May 31st, 2005

Well, I have good news and bad news. First and foremost, I will not be doing the artwork for the web page today, I know, I know all heartbroken and angry...(pause for effect)

"I thought Nitui does the artwork for the site?"

You bet she does.

So the next question becomes, "Why was Ninja even thinking of doing the art to begin with?"

Well, Nitui is working incredibly hard and at a feverish pace attempting to get all her work done for her degree at The Art Institute of Colorado and therefore is not doing the comic this week. Since I am all thumbs at all things art we are taking the week off, but I am going to crack the whip and force her to make two next week! She of course does not know this and will only figure it out if she reads the site!

Feel free to go to the Forums, and register, then leave her a note wishing her well in her forum section!

Thank you for your patience and we'll see you next week.


Script for May 31st, 2005

Girl Scout:    Hey Girl, What's wrong?

Girl w Big Gun:     I'm ticked off!

Authors Note:     PJ Chronicles presents: Girl Talk

Girl w Big Gun:     Here I am trying to make the city safe for people to walk down the street and all I get are rude cat calls and "Hey Babies" from every guy out there.

Girl Scout:    Well they are bad guys, what do you want?

Girl w Big Gun:     Bad guys? That was Wincott from the Hollows! He's a cop and married and he hands me the line "I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go." The jerk.

Girl Scout:    Well, you did leave off the backside of your pants.

Pedestrian:     I heard Lieutenant Wincott said Girl w Big Gun is pretty Hawt!

Girl w Big Gun:     'Scuse me.

Girl w Big Gun:     Gotta go.