News for May 17th, 2005

The new comic is up and the main thing I guess how dirty the floor is in some of these factories. I mean really, don't they have any pride? Oil on the floor is a work hazard and I would hate to have somebody slip and fall. The lawsuits alone would destroy any business you might have.

Also this week we saw two movies. Unleashed and Mindhunters.

Being a martial arts fan I enjoyed Unleashed a great deal more the Mindhunters. But personal preferences aside, Unleashed was a good movie. The story was one of the best stories I have seen in recent martial arts films. I found myself in Mindhunters thinking how could the killer have set up that stuff, where did the killer get the equipment for it. I won't ruin it for you with specifics but it just didn't wash for me. Unleashed has Jet Li. Morgan Freeman. and Bob Hoskins. 'Nuff said.


Script for May 17th, 2005

Nitui:    Anyone have an awaken?

Group Member 1:     No.

Group Member 2:     Nope.

Group Member 3:     Nuh uh.

Ninja Comic:    Hey hun.

Ninja Comic:    Nice pattern on your forehead.

Ninja Comic:    Heh.

Nitui:     Not

Nitui:     another

Nitui:     word.

Ninja Comic:     OK, ok...

Ninja Comic:     Ummmm

Nitui:     WHAT?

Ninja Comic:     You've got some grease on your costume.

Nitui:     Whatever.