News for April 19th, 2005

Well, it's live. I mean ummm, Welcome to PJ Chronicles! We are up and running and now is the time of the “maybe we should make some comics.”

A forum type place is next for us to build. Who knows, this place may start looking like a proper Web Comic. Complete with jaded commentary from the artist / authors.

In other news we saw Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. Not bad, could have been a bit more like the book, but I understand it was reworked to be a movie script complete with a love story.

As Ninja said, Welcome to our little site. Please be patient with it because I'm still working at this whole “web designer” thing. So, for now send us lots of e-mail! I'd love to hear some feedback.

We'll get Links to fun stuff going soon and this is just a start for the design of the site. We're going to try update at least once a week. Look for the updates on Tuesdays.

We started this mainly because
A. We both love online comics (I read /GUcomics, TheatreHopper, WTF comics, Real Life and Angst Technology religiously) and always thought it'd be fun. With a background in improv can ya blame us for wanting to be funny
B. Ninja noticed that there were no really good City of Hero 's comics. So, we thought we'd add to that…err help fix that.


Script for April 19th, 2005

Thing 1.0:    Thing 2.0, what happened?

GenericHero5245:    GM changed my name, said it was Copyright infringement.

Thing 1.0:    I didn't think the Seuss estate would have issues.

GenericHero5245:    Nah, it was a Marvel "Thing."

The.Thing:    Whats "infringement?"

The Little Thing:    That sucks!

Thing Reborn:    Well, Ya! I mean LOOK at ya!